In the year 1957, a few Christians from the Stuart, FL area, who had been worshiping with the Orange Avenue congregation in Ft. Pierce, decided a congregation of the Lord’s church was needed in the Stuart area. Because of this decision, approximately 8 Christians began meeting for one worship service on each Sunday in the home of one of the members. Shortly after they first began meeting, they outgrew the house in which they were meeting, therefore a larger house was found in which to worship. Chairs were borrowed each Sunday from a funeral home so that the members would have places to sit for worship. Again this did not provide sufficient room for long, so the newly formed congregation took advantage of an offer by the City of Stuart to use the shuffleboard court building rent free. Certainly this was a tremendous opportunity for the church in Stuart.

Also during the year 1957, four corner lots became available on Palm Beach Road which was quickly purchased by the church and they began plans for constructing a building on this property. The building was constructed by William Bessemer, one of the members of the congregation, along with much help from the members. The church of Christ at Stuart met in their newly constructed facilities for the first time on April 1, 1958.

During the early time of existence there were several different men who preached. Heber Lynn preached from the time of the beginning of the congregation until 1959. In 1959 elders from Fort Pierce took turns preaching for the Sunday services, and later, Harry Burns came from Hollywood, FL to preach both services for quite some time. Following this, Roland Roberts, Robert Payne, Chester Holland and William Payne came for various lengths of time, not as a permanent preacher, but for Sundays only. From 1963 to 1967 the congregation had its first full-time preacher, Bruce Gobbell. Also during this period of time the congregation worked diligently at establishing an eldership, which was accomplished in October of 1965.

Following Bruce Gobbell, Dean Reynolds became the next preacher for the congregation in October 1968. In July 1974 Tom Martin was hired to preach for the congregation and he filled this role until May 1977.

In May 1975, the congregation recognized the need to add on to the existing building. At this time classes were added on both sides of the auditorium, and the auditorium was enlarged, along with the addition of new padded pews and carpeting throughout the building.

From 1977 to 1981 Will Roberts was the preacher. The Roberts left November 1981, and the next preacher was Frank Starling. Frank stayed until 1984, at which time the congregation hired Don Jones to fill the role of preacher. Don remained in this role from August 1984 to February 1998. Following Don to work with the congregation was Ronnie Crocker, who served from April 1998 to early 2002. At this time the congregation is served by Terry W. Frizzell, who moved to work with us in October of 2002. Jared Gaines started working here in 2015.

Numerous men have served this congregation as elders in our history. We are currently served by four men in the eldership: Terry Frizzell, Willie Leonard, and Greg Moody.Throughout the years the congregation has been involved in many different mission works, both local and worldwide. Also Guy N. Woods conducted a series of Gospel Meetings each year.

The Stuart church of Christ has a rich history and a bright future in the service of our Lord.